This Tiki instance is to coordinate, test, and develop in preparation for Tiki 19.0:

  1. the Tiki Style Guide
  2. and the Bootstrap 3 to 4 conversion
  3. Front End Plugins in Tiki 19

With the style guide, you can modify the css and less of the current theme on the fly and then save the changes. (Tiki 19 when released will use SCSS instead of Less to compile stylesheets (part of the Bootstrap 3 to 4 changes), so the style guide will need updating in that aspect.)

To use the style guide, click here.

Site configuration changes and notes (maybe should be in a blog)

  • I activated "Fixed width", set to 1170px. The reason was the log-in form goes off the page to the right when the content is the full page width. The dropdowns apparently aren't "smart" to know to open down and left when close to the right margin. Maybe this can be fixed. Alternatively, make sure the login module (or other module with a dropdown) has enough width or is positioned far enough from the right margin to avoid this problem.
  • The FiveAliveHS theme option stylesheets I just realized I hadn't committed yet. They will be added here after the next SVN-up at this site.
  • The {sign} plugin isn't working here, either. - Oh, now the plugin shows up; it took a second page save for it to happen.
  • I get a 404 for chosen.jquery.min.js.
  • I applied my defaults profile as i was missing a few favourites, disable anything that's too annoying.
    Also i commented out the swiper plugin on this page as it's very buggy - please share what bugs you found to be fixed....

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