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Type of package: Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Details
Setup price $2900 $5900 $9900 $19 900 $29 900 (plus applicable taxes)
Ongoing support (monthly fee) $87 $177 $297 $597 $897 This starts after the "post-launch phase". This is 3% of the setup price.
Software Upgrades
Domain name configuration such as example.org
Solutions Pick any one type Pick 2 types Pick 4 types Pick 6 types All types
Backups ✓* ✓* ✓** ✓** ✓** *=self-maintained **=We set up one of your computers for unattended automatic backups
Web Analytics
media promotion support
Site design ✓* *=Only small changes to an existing Tiki theme (ex.: change colors and add your existing logo)
Video management
Server / hosting configuration
Database, forms and reports 1 3 5* 10* 15* *=Your team will be trained to be able to manage them.
Business cards
Admin access to Tiki
Online advertising service + SEO
Security training
LDAP server
Chat and Videoconference
Shared Drive
Firewall and VPN
Advanced Search
Unified search
File Sync
Shared Contacts
Shared Mailboxes
Shared Calendar
Mobile device sync
Virtual Desktops
GNU/Linux Desktop
PBX Phone System
Usual timeline 2 4 6 10 16 Number of weeks.
Post-launch phase 2 4 6 8 8 Number of weeks.
Hours of training 5h 10h 15h 30h 45h Initial set up and deployment phase + post launch phase period
Banks of hours (yearly) 7h 14h 21h 40h 60h This is for things that are not included in your regular package
Discount on purchase of additional banks of hours 5% 5% 10% 15% 20%
Payment schedule Upon order Upon order 1/2 upon order, 1/2 after 3 weeks 1/3 upon order, 1/3 after 3 weeks, 1/3 after 6 weeks 1/3 upon order, 1/3 after 6 weeks, 1/3 after 12 weeks Post-dated checks (or equivalent)

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